Bus Advertising

Buses are an effective form of transport advertising which is commonly used to target potential customers in busy urban environments such as cities or towns. Bus advertising formats include full-wraps, supersides and T-sides.

Do you know that 30 million people have seen advertising on buses in the last week?

When targeted and planned, bus advertising offers fantastic results for brands and service providers – 80% of consumers have respond to bus advertising by either purchasing a product, contacting a company or looking into a service.

By placing your advertisement on specific bus routes and geographical areas, Transport Media can provide you with a cost-effective campaign and avoid financial wastage in areas you are not looking to target.

73% of London commuters actually prefer buses with advertising

Over 90% of the UK population live within 5 minutes of a bus route and your bus ad will be seen by your target audience whether they are a bus passenger, pedestrian on the street, cyclist, or in a car – your ad cannot be missed. They are simply unavoidable vehicles, and are a high-impact medium that repeatedly delivers.

Why Bus Advertising?

Bus advertising is an amazing opportunity to build awareness of your company, no matter how big or small. It is an opportunity to drive your target audience to your business, event or website through frequent interaction with your target audience.

  • Bus advertising is on the road between 10 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week
  • They can give you blanket coverage of your primary area
  • Buses take your message out to residential areas, giving the mobile billboard effect
  • Speak to shoppers, workers, and students, as well as other motorists
  • Give your audience the opportunity to see your message time and time again
  • Advertising on buses is visually unavoidable


There are a multitude of different bus products and formats on the market and these can be confusing when you are trying to communicate to your exact audience. Transport Media has all the knowledge and tools to ensure that your bus campaign is being driven down the correct route.

Transport Media has access to over 97% of buses available over 200 different bus operators throughout the UK, including bus advertising in London and other major UK cities, towns and villages. We work with renowned names like London buses (a division of Transport for London), Arriva Buses, Go-Ahead Group, First Group, National Express and the Stagecoach Group and hundreds of independent companies offer hard to reach routes to guarantee that your advertising journey will be as prominent as possible.

Want to use bus advertising in London? Who wouldn’t – 91% of London commuters say that they can spontaneously recall a bus ad.
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