Blackpool Tramway

Advertise with the Blackpool Tramway network

The Blackpool Tramway serves the town of Blackpool and runs from Stargate to Fleetwood. Advertising at tram stops lets your business message reach a diverse and moving urban audience or commuters, locals and tourists.

The Blackpool tramway is famous for being the oldest electric tramway in the world. The network offers a variety of advertising formats at each stop including 4 to 48 sheet billboards, lift escalator panels and train car panels.

The Tramway is used by locals and travelling tourists who in some instances, are coming to Blackpool to see the tram as a tourist attraction in its own right. The network runs a ‘Heritage Service’ at weekends and during the summer. It is one of the only trams in the world to utilise double decker trams.

The region sees large numbers of people using the tram network due to its historic appeal and for everyday traveling purposes. The Tramway runs regularly throughout the week, servicing 19 stations and is 11 miles long.

Blackpool is home to plenty of attractions including the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Zoo, The Grand Theatre and countless other attractions.

The Blackpool Tramway is operated by Blackpool Transport and carries 6.5 million passengers around Blackpool each year. The operator is Blackpool Transport.

Advertising with Blackpool Transport is unique because it lets you reach an audience of visitors who regard the local Tramway as a tourist attraction in its own right.

You can feature your campaign on some of Blackpool’s most prestigious media formats.

A list of stops is presented below: