Mega Bus Rears & Super Bus Rears

Mega Rear advertising is a powerful way to reach motorists, pedestrians and passengers in cities and towns in the UK.

Mega Rears offer maximum exposure through head on audience display and have the WOW factor, this vast space on the bus is a fantastic branding stage to showcase your brand or product.

Mega Rears are effectively a billboard on the road and are available on single and double decker buses. Mega Rears are often referred to as Super Rears when placed on single decker buses.

Bus advertising on Mega Rears or Super Rears allows the advertiser greater creative licence and the chance to use more space, as the design can cover the whole height of the bus, even the windows with thanks to contravision technology.

 Why Advertise on Mega Bus Backs

Mega Rear and Super Rear creative are considered to be more noticeable by the public largely due to their scale, impact and space to include oversized powerful imagery and messages.

Make your advertising campaign work to its maximum potential by using Mega Rear or Super Rear bus advertising, as drivers wait in traffic behind a rear panel advert, pedestrians on the high street, and passengers waiting for the bus you can be sure of extended exposure to your message.

Mega Rear and Super Rear advertising is the perfect format for clients that do not want to be missed on the busy city streets. Call us on 0208 003 2573 for your free bus advertising campaign plan.


Bus Advertising on Mega Rears

Canti – Music to your tastebuds

Canti wine launched Mega Rears throughout London to increase brand awareness and drive sales throughout the Christmas period for both Merlot and Pinot Grigio wine brands. Canti utilised the large creative space to showcase the ‘Music to your tastebuds’ message and their signature branding which had maximum impact with Christmas shoppers on busy London high streets.

Bus Advertising on Mega Rears

Mason & Co - Free Advice

Hull’s all female solicitors Mason & Co launched a Mega Rear bus advertising campaign in their local area with the company’s female mascot taking over the middle of the bus. The advertising creative made use of contravision technology to add company information and promote their free advice service.

Bus Advertising on Mega Rears

Veetee - Badshah Basmati Rice

Veetee promoted their premium rice brand Badshah using prominent Mega Rear Bus advertising to showcase what is known as ‘The King of Rice’. The bright Mega Rear stood out on the city streets with an opulent design of green velvet curtains opening up the rice throne.

Looking for another format?

The most premium standard bus advertising product that is instantly recognisable on the high street, allowing you more creative space with the T shaped format.
This double deck bus product reaches above the busy high street to demand pedestrians attention and reach consumers on the move.
The community notice board, the streetliners on single decks can be used to reach local, regional, national audiences.
bus rear bus backRear
Target passengers and motorists directly giving advertisers an opportunity to target the public when they have time to read and absorb a message.
mega rearMega rear
Available on single and double decks, this product gives advertisers the space to create high impact campaigns with extended dwell time.
london gold frameLondon Gold frame
Use the London bus to stay within targeted key central locations using this premium product. Specifically reach tourists, commuters and shoppers.
Use these bus interior panels to target millions of passengers every day with extended dwell time.
bus ticketsBus tickets
Placing your advertisement in consumers hands, the opportunity for call to action and discount vouchers.
full wrapFull wrapped
Create a high impact moving message with the most premium bus advertising product.
led sideLed sides/twinkle lights
Add a sparkle to your campaign with LED lights immersed into your bus creative.
route masterRoute master
The only opportunity to target two key central London routes on the original iconic London bus. Limited space available.
super squaresSuper Squares
Only available in certain cities, this product utilises an entire square on the bus side targeting pedestrians.
bus panelsCoving Panels & Bulk Heads
Only available in certain cities, this product utilises an entire square on the bus side targeting pedestrians.
upper rearsUpper Bus Rears
Upper Rear bus advertising is a cost effective way to reach urban audiences in cities and towns in the UK.