Bus Supersides

Advertising on bus sides allows your product to visually reach above the busy high street, demanding attention from pedestrians and road user’s consumers whilst on the move, shopping and commuting.

Superside bus advertising is a high impact way to reach urban audiences in cities and towns in the UK.

Featuring on the UK’s double decker buses’ advertising on bus supersides allows your product to visually reach above the busy and cluttered high street, demanding attention from pedestrians on the high street and whilst on the move, shopping and commuting.

This pavement facing bus advertising format drives temptation down the high street and encourages spontaneous purchasing whilst increasing brand awareness.

Why Advertise on Supersides

Bus Superside advertising targets shoppers every minute they are out on the road, speaking directly to consumers as buses travel frequently up and down Britain’s roads, including busy and exclusive high streets  the average bus covers over 700 miles every week, that’s the equivalent of John O’Groats to Lands End!

With the imposing stature of bus Supersides, this advert format is the most commonly used media format selected when advertising on buses.

Advertising on bus sides presents a dual marketing opportunity, on Double Decker buses you can advertise on bus supersides to reach above traffic level, alternatively you can target consumers on a street level with Single Decker buses by advertising on bus Streetliners.

Pedestrians and road users can take in the message on a Supersides taking your message to the heart of the city and urban areas.

Bus Superside advertising is the perfect format for clients that want to have a high impact presence and speak to their customers on a local or national level. Call us on 0208 003 2573 for your free bus advertising campaign plan

Bus Advertising on Superside 

Aegis Vision – ‘Are U Unique?’

Aegis projected their fashionable ‘Are U Unique?’ product for the Carphone Warehouse on iconic Double Decker Buses in the capital. The campaign grabbed the attention of motorists and pedestrians in London, embedding the advert details in the consumers’ memory. Located on the bus route were five Carphone Warehouse stores, and the buses became a large advert at the point of sale, promoting the ‘Are U Unique?’ iPhone covers.

Bus Advertising on Superside 

Life Technologies – Transforming Science

Life Technologies is a global biotechnology tools company providing premier systems, consumables, and services for scientific researchers around the world. The high impact, vibrant Supersides ran in the capital; encouraging their audience to visit the website to find out more.

Bus Advertising on Superside 

Ahmaddiya Muslim Association – Loyalty, Freedom & Peace

The AMA ran a heavyweight bus Superside campaign in largely populated areas, to encourage high traffic and support for their ‘Love For All, Hatred For None’ website. Bus advertising offers a large audience dwell time, an average of 48 seconds exposure to the message, which gives consumers longer to absorb the advertisement and website details.