Advan Advertising & Mobile Billboards

Mobile vehicles go to your audience. Advans are the cost effective outdoor advertising solution and can secure an exact location or moving route.

Mobile billboard advertising has the power to reach your audience on specific dates or times of day– even targeting your competitors! From Advans to advertising on mobile billboards, this format allows you to specifically target your audience group at precise events or locations. This form of media is an effective way to place your brand or campaign amongst your audience, where many other formats could simply not reach.

Many advertisers have found that this form of media enables them to strategically target a time-specific campaign. Day or night, we can ensure your campaign is seen with our backlit mobile vehicles – there is no time or space which cannot accommodate this medium.

Offering various formats of advertising on mobile billboards – vans, Advans, advertising trailers, trucks, rickshaws and lorries – Transport Media can arrange this service through the saturated streets of London, across the UK and even abroad.

Advan Advertising

Advan advertising offers an extremely competitive cost per view compared to traditional Outdoor Advertising. For example if you would like to target audiences attending The Wimbledon Championships you would pay an extremely high premium for static adverts in Wimbledon during this time of year, but Advan advertising would provide the opportunity to simply drive around the area, capturing all audiences and delivering a fantastic, cost effective solution.

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